Recommended Products

You’re an online entrepreneur. Here is an updated list of the products I use and recommend.

Item Key Features And Benefits
Secockpit Keyword Research Tool Keyword research from Swiss Made Marketing. Probably the best keyword research tool in the world. Saves you a LOT of time and gets hundreds of keywords and their complete analysis faster than any other tool. Buy through our link for bonus education on how to use the tool to best effect.
Keyword Snatcher Keyword Seed Tool When doing keyword research, I start by seeding my keyword tool with a set of initial keywords. I could of course just think these up for myself, but I find that I get much better ideas from Keyword Snatcher. It’s a great one-time payment tool that ensures I don’t miss niche opportunities. When used in conjunction with a keyword tool like SECockpit, you have the beginnings of an easy to operate, keyword step by step system for qualifying niche ideas.
Membermouse Membership Site Plugin Membermouse is an easy to use and fully-featured membership plugin. Well supported and maintained. You can sell subscription memberships, drip-fed if you like, using this comprehensive plugin.
Extender Genesis Extender Genesis Extender will change your approach to Genesis child theme tweaking. It allows you to add CSS and PHP to your Genesis site and makes for easier modification of your theme, once you know how.
SiteGround Specialist Shared WordPress Hosting SiteGround is the most superb, low cost hosting I have ever used. I use the Go Geek package. it’s fast, secure and if you need support, you can get it fast
SeedProd Maintenance Mode SeedProd is a brilliant WordPress plugin that allows you to put your site into maintenance mode and also announce a new site with a holding page. You can also collect email addresses before the site is launched. It can even be used to create landing pages.
BackUp Buddy WordPress Backup Plugin Backup Buddy Plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to backup your entire WordPress site. You have a choice of where the backups are automatically stored including off server locations like Dropbox or Amazon S3, and you can choose between full and database-only backups.
FeedPress FeedPress FeedPress brings you RSS feed and podcast analytics and enhanced distribution. It is our recommended alternative to Feedburner which Google seem to have abandoned as it has not been updated in over 2 years.
Lightening Base Specialist Managed WordPress Hosting Managed WordPress Hosting the best price versus service managed host for WordPress that we have been able to find.
Clicky Stats Real Time Web Analytics Real Time Analytics for your WebSite allows you to see every visitor and every action that they take on your site, in real-time. You can analyze each visitor individually and see their full history.
ClickMagick Best Affiliate Tracking I have tried all the popular hosted trackers and there are only two that are worth looking at in my opinion. This one, which is great if you are a traditional affiliate (Amazon, Clickbank, Shareasale etc), or if you do CPA affiliate marketing. And there are constant improvements too! I love this product.
Aweber Email Marketing Aweber is of the most widely used email marketing systems with a simple interface. Can also be used in conjunction with our plugin Genesis Club Pro for total ease of use on landing pages.
AWProTools Make Aweber Better Products like Infusionsoft cost a lot of money each month. You can achieve the same type of control over your list building using Aweber with AWProTools. Buy through our link for bonus education on how to use the tools to best effect.
Types And Views Serious Developers Only A brilliant collection of plugins from a brilliant team. However, if you’re a WordPress beginner these plugins are almost certainly not for you. Not unless you already have a coding background. Then they are ideal! They help you to do a number of tasks, from creating custom post types through to creating whole new sites. You may not need PHP to use the plugins, but if you don’t know PHP it’ll be hard work.