Mjölbyvägen 13, 565 95 Mjölby, Sweden.


Avocado Genesis Club RESTAURANT

Come and Taste Our Amazing Avocado Dishes

Avocado Genesis Club Restaurant is open 7 days a week to service all avocado lovers and all foodies who would like to enjoy our amazing dishes! The concept of our restaurant is to service foods with avocado as the main ingredient. Expect fabulous twist on your favorite dishes, but now it’s married with the all so delicious and creamy avocado! You’ll surely go loco over avocado!

We Use Only Home-Grown Avocados and Ingredients

California is popular for the finest avocados in the country. We have hand grown organic avocado farms that supply us with the freshest avocados that we use in our kitchen. We also work with other local farmers and suppliers for all our other ingredients, ensuring their freshness.

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